Jaguar could within a decade exclusively sell electric cars. Sourced told Autocar in a Friday report the British luxury brand could phase out the internal-combustion engine within the next five to seven years.

Product planners have reportedly already proposed a plan to take Jaguar entirely electric, and the thought is to get a jump on other luxury brands. Rivals such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Cadillac have put forth aggressive electrification strategies, but haven’t committed to an electric-only lineup. Instead, Jaguar would take a page from Volvo’s Polestar brand and Tesla.

On the product side of things, sources said Jaguar would first introduce a new XJ sedan to compete with the upcoming Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S. The next car will reportedly be an all-out assault on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class with unrivaled levels of luxury and an electric powertrain. The XE and XF would likely be replaced with a single electric crossover, while the J-Pace would survive as the brand’s sole gasoline-powered model until 2027. By 2026, Jaguar’s entire lineup could be electric with a second-generation I-Pace arriving in 2025. An electric replacement for the F-Type is also a possibility.

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Jaguar previously announced an increased electrification investment of $18 billion as demand for diesel-powered cars shrinks in Europe. The increased investment comes after Jaguar announced it will offer an electrified version of every model it sells after 2020. The plan outlined then called for each vehicle to offer an internal-combustion engine, plug-in hybrid, and a battery-electric powertrain.

The plan to move exclusively to electric powertrains only hasn’t been given the green light yet, but it’s reportedly in advanced stages. The potential move to EVs only also comes as Jaguar sales flounder and parent company Tata is reportedly unhappy with the brand’s sales performance as of late.

[Source: Autocar]