Affordability and racing hardly run parallel, but a new Italian company wants to change that. Called Spice-X, and perhaps a play on Elon Musk’s “Space-X,” the company is a collaborative effort between a handful of firms in Piedmont, Italy.

And their goal is to bring the EX1 to production: an affordable electric race car for the masses. Spice-X will seek out lightweight, yet inexpensive, materials for the EX1 racer to achieve a reported weight of 1,323 pounds, according to a Motor1 report published Saturday.

Allegedly, the Spice-X EX1 will offer two battery options for a standard racer and more powerful model; a 330-volt battery will serve as the entry level, while a 450-volt unit will be optional. Both battery versions will reportedly make 80 horsepower total, but the base version will provide 118 pound-feet of torque. The larger battery model will make 295 pound-feet of torque. Top speeds will reach 99.4 mph with the base powertrain and 130.4 mph with the bigger battery pack.

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Spice-X hasn’t confirmed any performance specifications, however.

The design is wild enough to pass for a race car with a WEC prototype racer vibe.┬áThe body was designed by Fabrizio Pepe of Mastery Design, but the other companies involved haven’t been named yet.

It’s unclear when we’ll see more of the EX1, but zero-emission race cars for the masses could be in the near future.