Israel-based startup StoreDot CEO Dr. Doron Myersdorf promises next year to present technology which will charge an electric car within five minutes.

His words followed shortly after fulfilling a previous promise made the year prior of charging a phone from zero to one-hundred percent in two minutes last Tuesday at ThinkNext in Tel Aviv.

The technology that StoreDot uses is nano-based, which turns peptides into energy storing nanotubes as The Times of Israel put it. These nanotubes can both store and emit large amounts of energy at one time, using what StoreDots calls Nanodots.

With only a few of these dots you’re able to charge a cellphone in just minutes, but if you combine say 7,000 of these Nanodots you’ll be able to charge an EV in a staggeringly short amount of time.

“By using an array of 7,000 cells, we’ll take a car that has a zero charge and recharge its batteries to 100 percent capacity. Then, while ThinkNext is going on, we’ll send it on a trip to Beersheba and have it come back at the end of the event,” said Myersdorf during his presentation.

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A major problem faced with batteries currently is both size and charge time, but according StoreDot it has the technology to solve those issues, thus the reasoning behind entering the EV market.

“StoreDot is looking to expand to the EV (electric vehicle) market and take the lead in the fast-charging battery race. This is part of our larger initiative to commercialize a proprietary game-changing technology of fast-charging batteries which would transform the lives of smartphone users as well as drivers,” said Myersdorf.

The Times of Israel