A recent interview of Hisitake Murata, general manager of Toyota’s Racing Hybrid Project and the man responsible for the Toyota’s Le Mans prototype race cars, suggests a new hybrid sports car could be in the offing.

“My ultimate goal for the near future is to develop a hybrid sports car using technology accumulated through this project,” said Murata on a video posted on the Toyota UK blog hinting at building a car for the street with lessons learned from the Le Mans effort. “Our technologies are shared with the whole of Toyota Motor Company. If we made a conventional sports car we could apply a super capacitor system or combine a super capacitor system and hybrid battery to achieve a similar braking performance.”

It’s not likely his veiled reference is to the FT-1 concept (pictured), and unveiled this month in Detroit, as this Supra successor is believed to be getting a high-tech gas engine.

Given that Toyota is all about hybrids, and already Honda and Nissan are ahead of it in the high-end sports car arena with a pending Acura NSX and a possible GT-R hybrid respectively, observers suggest it’s just a matter of time before Toyota has more to say on the topic.