What do you make of this photo represented by someone claiming to be a Tesla employee as the soon-to-be-revealed Model 3?

We put it that way, and are posting it for what it’s worth, as it was received via email by HybridCars’ sister site, TheTruthAboutCars.

The person claiming to work for Tesla and thus working against the wishes of the company, if so, said the image was accessed by taking a photo of a photo from a colleague’s computer.

Attempts to verify the person’s identity by our other sister site, AutoGuide, were not successful, but if a Model 3 sedan is believed pending, this crossover may be difficult to believe.

Official Tesla teaser.

Official Tesla teaser.

Since no images from Tesla have officially been posted, a potential hoax could gain greater credence, but a teaser shadow image by Tesla suggests a sedan will be shown this month as do all rumors and statements to date on the Model 3.

However, a Model Y crossover based on the Model 3 sedan’s platform is also believed to be waiting in the wings, and the image at top looks like an official-style photo of a Tesla crossover along the lines of a Mazda5 possibly with falcon-wing doors.

Could this therefore be the Model Y?

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Unknown, and we’ll leave it at that. Has anyone seen this image elsewhere, and can you identify whether it is authentic?

The Model 3 reveal is scheduled March 31 in Los Angeles.