Infiniti’s on-again, off-again electric car is back on again as the company will debut an all-electric car in 2020 according to Roland Krueger, the luxury automaker’s president.

A prototype EV has already been driven by Krueger, who described it as “very good,” British publication Auto Car reported.

He told the publication that electric vehicles have to maintain Infiniti’s values of performance and handling.

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“We want it to have a unique Infiniti driving experience,” he said.

The new EV will use a standalone platform rather than a variant of an existing car and will borrow parent company Nissan’s electric technology.

“There are lots of engineering competencies we can tap into and utilize,” said Krueger.

2012 Infinito LE Concept. Top photo is the 2012 hybrid Emerg-E concept.

2012 Infiniti LE Concept. Top photo is the 2012 hybrid Emerg-E concept.

Infiniti stuck its toe into the waters of electrified cars back in 2012 with the LE concept vehicle that used a 24-kWh battery pack and a 130 horsepower electric motor with 240 pounds-feet of torque.

At the time, the company said it planned to deliver a production LE in 2014, but later cancelled it.

An all-new Nissan Leaf is coming sometime late this year or early 2018 that is expected to have a 200-plus mile driving range.

That’s the minimum driving range that an Infiniti EV will need to be competitive in a world that would include the Tesla Model S, Porsche’s upcoming Mission electric sports sedan and others.

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