Update: Lawmakers Get Hybrid Fever

President Bush in his State of the Union address proposed a sharp increase in alternative fuels and changes in automobile technology, including the use of more gas-electric hybrid cars. A flurry of other gas-saving proposals from Capitol Hill and California offer more details, but their fate and enforceability is also unknown.

Sustainable Mobility with Walter McManus

Walter, the director of the Automotive Analysis Division of the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, studies the adoption by consumers and automakers of new powertrain (electric, hybrid, clean diesel, fuel cell, alternative fuels), safety, and telematics technologies. Then he shares the lowdown with us.

Federal Incentives

Information about the increased tax credits, which took effect on January 1, 2006. (Buyer beware: the credits to not reduce the Alternative Minimum Tax.)

Local Incentives

In some states, you can drive your hybrid solo in the carpool lane. Other cities/states exempt buyers from sales tax, parking meter fees, and vehicle inspection responsibilities. See our state-by-state breakdown.

Corporate Incentives

Hybrid-driving CEOs offering thousands of corporate dollars to help their employees buy fuel-efficient hybrids. What’s the world coming to?

Emissions Standards

How much pollution and what kind of pollutants come out of your tailpipe? Which ones are regulated by the government?

Fuel Economy Standards (CAFE)

Learn about the single most effective means for improving the efficiency of our cars—and why CAFE standards are unlikely to get tougher.

Stopping for Directions: Q & A with John DeCicco

Sometimes we zoom down the road without knowing exactly where we are going. Then, it’s time to stop and ask for directions. When that happens on our drive to sustainable transportation strategies, we give a call to John DeCicco, senior fellow at Environmental Defense.