What with Ford announcing record “conquest” hybrid sales this year over Toyota’s Prius line, Toyota has indeed confirmed lagging Prius sales, but this month its entire “family” of Prii will see sales in excess of the 21,477 units sold in May 2012.

The Prius line includes four variants: the Prius Liftback, Prius v (pictured), Prius c, and plug-in Prius. On Monday Toyota will specify the exact number of sales, but it has given advance billing they are good enough to help with Toyota’s overall brand sales increase on a year-over-year basis, as well.

In April 2013, Toyota was the only one of six major carmakers to report a decline in new vehicle deliveries. Decreased sales from its Prius and Camry lines were blamed for that drop of 1.1 percent year over year from April 2012.

Toyota otherwise said declines in gas prices have hurt Prius line demand, but this same decline in gas prices did not prevent Ford Motor Co. yesterday from declaring it had scored more hybrid sales for the first five months of this year than it did for its previous best 12-month period in 2010.

To help with improving sales for the under-the-gun Prius line going forward, Toyota will run a new TV ad campaign for six weeks to assist the line which has in recent memory been the top-selling hybrid model series.

We’ll have more details as soon as we get all numbers in, and post the May HybridCars.com sales Dashboard.

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