A Mitsubishi auto dealer in Illinois is offering a $69 per-month for 24 months lease on a new i-MiEV electric car from Mitsubishi. That’s a good deal even by traditional gas-engine car lease standards.

AutoblogGreen reports that one of its readers discovered the deal at O’Brien Mitsubishi in Normal, Ill. The Mitsu dealer is giving customers two lease options for the electric car, according to O’Brien salesman, Scott Lovett:

— $69 per month for two years, after which the car is returned. The customer has to pay tax, title and license up front, which Lovett estimated at about $2,100.

— $169 per month with no money down, and tax, title and license is rolled into the monthly payment. It’s also a 24-month lease program.

This lease is similar to the notably good incentive a Nissan dealer in Redwood City, Calif., was offering late last year on the Leaf, with a $139 per-month for 24 months lease. The deal also required a $2,995 down payment, and “drive off” fees of additional $1,200.

AutoblogGreen says that the Mitsubishi dealer made an arrangement with Ally Financial to create the low-priced lease offer for the i-MiEV.