Hyundai’s Genesis brand says it intends to introduce an all-electic luxury vehicle.

Speaking from the sidelines of an auto show in Busan, South Korea, Senior Vice President Manfred Fitzgerald said the EV will add to other electrified vehicles Hyundai and Genesis have in store.

“We will definitely go as Genesis brand down the road of alternative propulsions and it is very, very obvious that EV is definitely on the map,” said Fitzgerald without announcing launch timing, range, specs, price, body type, or if it would come to the U.S.

That leaves things quite open, but Genesis has shown itself adept at rising to challenge competitors. The 2017 Genesis G90 pictured is aiming at Mercedes and BMWs, and so goes the plan with the rising upscale marque.

Hyundai broke out its “Genesis” brand last November in an attempt to further distinguish itself in the growing luxury vehicle segment.

No comparisons to Tesla were drawn by Fitzgerald in a brief statement before reporters, but it will be entering a space now dominated by this American brand.

The story reported by Automotive News adds to prior declarations that plug-in hybrids under the Genesis nameplate are also in the works.

On the big picture scale, parent company Hyundai has broad plans to be at least second-highest in green car global sales by 2020, and products in its expanding lineup also include regular hybrids and a fuel cell vehicle.

Its positioning itself comes also as several automakers have upscale long-range EVs in the offing for this decade.

“I think full electric cars will be the future in the auto industry,” said Fitzgerald.

He added the EV would diversify the aspiring luxury car company’s portfolio which is perceived as important for success in the market.

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