With 27-miles EPA-rated EV range, the Hyundai Sonata plug-in hybrid will be the second-highest range plug-in hybrid after the Chevy Volt.

Its federal ratings clearly eclipse the next-down Ford Fusion Energi and C-Max Energi rated at 19 miles.

Hyundai when it launched the car was projecting 24 miles. The carmaker that this year was charged fines for overstating mpg on other vehicles this time has under promised and over delivered.

The range ought to be realistic too. On our drive review of the car we saw 28.4 miles in suburban driving, and another journalist on that trip got 27.

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The Sonata came along as a stablemate to the pre-existing regular non-plug-in Sonata Hybrid and is Hyundai’s entry into this PHEV space.

Click to enlarge image. Source: EPA.

Click to enlarge image. Source: EPA.

The drive is refined, and power and comfort is on par with competitors. All-electric driving is possible up to 75 mph, and distinguishing it is a slightly larger 9.8-kwh battery than the 7.6-kwh Energis or former Honda Accord PHEV. The Volt has an 18.4-kwh pack.

It has more room than the Chevy Volt but the 53-mile Volt is unmatched in the powertrain department, if electric range
is your priority.

We’ll have more when Hyundai makes pricing and launchg date official. Meanwhile, above is linked an article with far more detail, and here’s a review.