Hyundai is designing a dedicated platform for long-range all-electric vehicles to push the company forward in its green car initiative.

This platform will be used for several models. While not addressed in an Automotive News article, it appears the new EVs could be issued under the Hyundai and Kia brands. There could also be plans in store for an all-electric Genesis reaching the luxury market.

Lee Ki-sang, a senior vice president, said subcompact or compact EVs built on the new platform will have a range of at least 186 miles per charge.

The new EVs will be “more competitive” than other models on the market, he said.

Like several other global automakers, Hyundai expects EV sales to grow rapidly from their present slice of total sales. More specifically, Lee expects EVs to make up 10 percent of global auto sales by 2025, up from about 1 percent now.

Hyundai would also agree with competitors on the potential for longer-range all-electric models built on proprietary platforms. Volkswagen has gone this route with its modular electric drive (MEB) platform launch in September, which will be used in several new models in the VW family of brands.

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BMW and Daimler have also taken on the goal of mass producing a new line of EVs to hit strict emission targets and expected demand for automated, electrified vehicles in the next decade.

In late 2015, Hyundai committed to have one million eco-friendly vehicles sold by 2020. That appears to be out of reach, based on Hyundai’s sales for far. The company is seeing results improve through the Hyundai Ioniq launch.

Media reports from today also covered Hyundai’s plan to roll out the longest range fuel cell SUV. That would join the lineup with the Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell, which the company touts as the first-ever mass produced fuel cell vehicle.

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