Hyundai hasn’t named its second hydrogen fuel cell vehicle yet, but said it will be cheaper and have longer range than the Tucson FCV.

The Korean Herald reported that Hyundai is developing a fuel cell vehicle that will be priced about $54,000 in Korea. That’s about half the price of the Tucson Fuel Cell crossover SUV. That would drop down to a mere $30,000 if the South Korean government adopts planned subsidies.

As for range on a tank-full of hydrogen, the next fuel cell vehicle should be traveling 373 miles. That’s nearly a 45-percent increase over the Tucson Fuel Cell’s 258 miles per fueling.

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Hyundai has been putting out teasers on its next-gen fuel cell car for quite a while now. At the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, the company displayed its Intrado fuel-cell crossover concept. That was said to have a range of 375 miles. (Concept vehicle featured in photo above.)

Hyundai Motor Group’s Ahn Byung-ki said last month that the automaker is working on a fuel-cell vehicle that’s larger than a compact SUV.

“We will launch a dedicated vehicle, although it is not clear what vehicle type it will be based around,” Kim Sae-hoon, Hyundai and Kia’s head of hydrogen fuel cell research, told Autocar in December.

Whoever’s right about what the new fuel cell vehicle will look like, Hyundai has said it would like to launch it in time for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Seoul.

Hyundai disclosed information to media on the next fuel cell car at a conference in South Korea last week. During that conference, the South Korean government said it wanted 10,000 fuel-cell vehicles on its roads by the end of the decade.

Fuel cell vehicle sales have been weak so far. Since being unveiled in 2013, only 544 Tucson Fuel Cell vehicles have been sold worldwide, according to Autoblog.