Hyundai is exploring the possibility of partnering with Uber to promote its new electrified Ioniq.

Toyota has had a beneficial partnership with Uber, providing incentives to Uber drivers using a Prius and now that has caught the attention of Hyundai. To help promote Prius usage, Toyota offers lease deals to Uber drivers and now Hyundai wants to do something similar.

The problem is, at least in Europe, Hyundai has ran into complications with the different mix of legislations, especially since some countries in the EU aren’t very keen on Uber. But the Korean automaker did confirm that it has “definitely been looking into Uber” and whether it can offer some sort of incentive.

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Ever since spy photos of the Hyundai Ioniq surfaced, long before its debut, the model has been compared to the Toyota Prius. Unlike the Toyota though, Hyundai offers an all-electric Ioniq variant. “We are looking into approaching European cities and coming to some agreement on charging infrastructure,” said Hyundai’s eco-car head, Ki Sang Lee. “We’d like to say we could provide all the finance ourselves, but it is of course too expensive. However, if cities were to, say, go in 50/50 with us to provide better fast charging then it could work.”

Although Hyundai is running into issues exploring the idea in Europe, it’s a strong possibility it could offer incentives in the U.S. just like Toyota.

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