Hyundai and its captive finance unit will be launching an electric carsharing unit in April.

Hyundai Motor and Hyundai Capital will make their vehicles, including electric cars, available through a carsharing service in South Korea.

Hyundai Motor launched a carsharing test drive in Korea last December. Users could try out a Hyundai Ioniq electric sedan for free during the program. The Korean automaker also placed 400 Ioniqs last month in North America for free carsharing.

Hyundai Capital will tap into its experience managing nationwide car rental and leasing services. The capital arm will operate the service platform in the new carsharing unit.

“Hyundai Motor will contribute to the expansion of the eco-friendly car market by introducing carsharing services, mainly offering electric car models, together with Hyundai Capital,” said Chang Jae-hoon, a senior vice president of the customer value division at Hyundai Motor.

The Korea Herald reports that carsharing services were introduced in that market in 2012, and have been growing in popularity among younger consumers. Customers appreciate having access to a car when needed without having to purchase it.

Hyundai is adding services to its mobility offering, including customers choosing where they can pick up and drop off vehicles. Other added features include a car cleaning system and improved security.

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The two Hyundai divisions will work together on determining size of the carsharing service and which regions will be covered. Hyundai Motor will supply the Ionic and will gradually expand the number of models offered.

Hyundai has been tapping into carsharing and driving events to raise awareness of its electric vehicles.

Alliances between automakers and carsharing services has been growing in the past couple of years. That’s usually being done through an internal carsharing division, such as General Motors and Maven, Daimler and Car2go, and BMW through ReachNow.

The Korea Herald