Hyundai Motor Company has launched its electric car-sharing service in Amsterdam, making it the first of its kind in Europe.

The service will launch with an initial fleet of 100 Ioniq electric vehicles dispersed in pickup locations throughout the city. Users will be able to pay and open Ioniq rental doors using a smartphone app. The app will show where the closest car is with options to reserve or book. Rental rates will be 12 euros an hour with a waived registration fee during the program’s first two weeks. Afterwards, the registration fee will be 10 euros. Cars can be picked up at one location and returned to a different, designated location within Amsterdam city limits.

“We are proud to have initiated our first pure-electric car-sharing service in Europe and, in so doing, to help the city government of Amsterdam achieve its climate targets,” said Thomas Schmid, chief operating officer at Hyundai Motor Europe. “With the launch of 15 eco-cars by 2020 Hyundai Motor is further demonstrating its pioneering role in eco-mobility. By offering the greatest variety of powertrains – electric, hybrid, and fuel cell – our brand is committed to future mobility and to matching our customers’ lifestyles.”

Hyundai also cited Amsterdam’s 2,200+ public charging stations and an advanced electric car infrastructure as reasons for the city’s selection. The city’s ambitious goal to eliminate carbon emissions by 2025 and curtail high parking costs are also important objectives.

The Ioniq Electric uses a 28-kWh lithium-ion battery. According to the European NEDC test cycle it can travel 174 miles (280 kilometers) on a single charge. The U.S> EPA says 124 miles for the same car.

In any case, its range will be enough to accommodate popular day trips, such as Amsterdam-Rotterdam or Amsterdam-Eindhoven, both with round-trip distances of 99 miles (160 kilometers) and 77 miles (125 kilometers), respectively.