The electric Hyundai Ioniq is now placing all of its sales on hold due to a lack of battery supply.

A memo, received by a reader of Green Car Reports from Hyundai Canada, confirmed the news:

“Due to a temporary global battery supply shortage, the sold order entry system for 18MY Ioniq EV will be closed effective immediately. The 19MY Ioniq EV will be opened at the same time to allow for pre-sale of 19My Ioniq EV, with deliveries beginning in July.”

The memo also advises that inventory levels may be limited, in which case a regional office would inform purchasers if orders end up being fulfilled, with the option of converting to a 2019 model year vehicle. No word if other regions have issued similar memos.

The Ioniq is available in all-electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid powertrains.

Despite battery shortages, the Ioniq continues to enjoy success outside of the U.S. and Canada, with the hybrid version becoming Israel’s top-selling vehicle in Q1 2018 with more than 4,000 units sold between January and March, up more than 100 percent from Q1 2017. Currently, the country offers favorable purchase tax rates for electric vehicles, at 20 percent versus 83 percent for standard vehicles, respectively.

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