Hyundai’s electric Ioniq is too popular for Hyundai – or some of its suppliers – to handle.

A report from Business Korea says that Hyundai is having trouble sourcing batteries for its Ioniq plug-in and EV. It says that Hyundai originally ordered 6,000 to 7,000 batteries from supplier LG Chem for installation in versions of the Ioniq.

According to the report, sales have been double what was originally expected, and that LG Chem is having trouble keeping up with the increased demand. The Ioniq Electric is the best-selling EV in Korea, with waiting lists currently at around five months to get one. Hyundai has expanded production once already, but this battery supply problem is preventing them expanding it further.

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While LG Chem tries to meet the demand, Hyundai is looking for alternate suppliers. But battery companies aren’t sitting around with excess capacity. It takes time for any supplier to retool and ramp up for more production, and it’s likely that LG Chem would be able to meet the demand as quickly as an alternative source would.

The report also said that Hyundai is now hiring more of their own battery engineers, but doesn’t plan on building their own batteries like companies such as Tesla have begun doing.

“We have no plans to directly produce batteries at plants but we are trying to secure the original technology of lithium-ion batteries as they grow in importance,” a Hyundai official told Business Korea.

Business Korea