Hyundai Motors’ ix35 Fuel Cell vehicle, known in America as the Tucson Fuel Cell, has driven a record distance for a hydrogen-powered production car on a single tank.

A drive of the vehicle allowed it to cover 700 kilometers (434.96 miles) across three countries. Hyundai stated the economy drive was conducted by independent Norwegian non-profit eco-pioneers Marius Bornstein and Arnt G. Hartvig.

According to Hyundai, the ix35 Fuel Cell was driven between Oslo (Norway) and Malmö (Sweden) via Gothenburg (Sweden) and Copenhagen (Denmark). The journey took 10 hours to complete, at an average speed of 76 kilometers per hour (47.22 mph) in a mix of city and highway driving.

The vehicle was in production-standard specification, and exceeded its stated range of 594 kilometers, with the trip computer still indicating nearly 10 kilometers of range available at the journey’s conclusion, said Hyundai.

“We had planned to finish in Copenhagen, but realized there was enough hydrogen left in the tank for a longer drive,” said Marius Bornstein. “When we arrived at the filling station in Malmö we still had a few kilometers of range remaining. To achieve this distance on just one tank of hydrogen shows the potential of this technology and the ability of the Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell. I believe this is a world record.”

In April 2012, the two drivers traveled from Oslo to Monaco in an ix35 Fuel Cell, a distance of 2260 kilometers (1404 miles), demonstrating the usability of fuel cell cars and the growing refuelling infrastructure.

“The distance travelled by the ix35 Fuel Cell demonstrates the viability and real-world benefits of hydrogen fuel cell technology – it’s an electric vehicle with long-distance range,” said Frank Meijer, Head of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle at Hyundai Motor Europe. “Hyundai Motor is the first automaker to mass-produce fuel cell vehicles, and we continue to promote the growth of Europe’s hydrogen refueling network.”

As part of the Hydrogen For Innovative Vehicles (HyFIVE) initiative, recently established to grow Europe’s refueling infrastructure, a hydrogen station was opened in Malmö in June 2014.

In total, as part of HyFIVE, 110 fuel-cell vehicles from five manufacturers will be delivered to customers across Europe, including 75 from Hyundai Motor.