Hyundai has announced a successful 118-mile (190 km) self-drive of its Level 4 autonomous fuel cell electric vehicles from Seoul to Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Fiest unveiled at last month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, its fleet set out on its journey on Feb. 2, comprising of two Genesis G80s and three Nexo SUV-based vehicles. This trip marks Hyundai’s claim as the first level 4 trek by a fuel cell, autonomous vehicle.

The fleet traversed through the country’s expressways, cruising while conducting lane changes, passing other cars, and entering through South Korean’s Hi-pass toll gate system, mimicking as much non-autonomous vehicle highway activity as possible. Navigational challenges also included passing through tight toll gate spaces and the use of external sensors to map position while cruising underground tunnels without the help of GPS.

During the self-drive, the vehicles relied on an extensive technological stack, including a number of cameras, LiDars, and sensors. Level 4 autonomy is a National of Highway Traffic Safety Administration-classification that states vehicles in this class as “designed to perform all safety-critical driving functions and monitor roadway conditions for an entire trip” within the “operational design domain” of the vehicle, a term partially meant to convey it does not cover every driving scenario.

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“Hyundai’s philosophy for developing autonomous driving technology is to provide the highest level of safety combined with a high standard of convenience that our customers expect,” said Jinwoo Lee, head of the Intelligent Safety Technology Center at Hyundai Motor Group.

Other equipped features include 5G capacity, video calling, voice-controlled “assistant chat” technology, a rear-seat passenger health monitoring system, and “Home Connect” Hyundai’s car-to-home technology platform that mimics internet-of-things functions, allowing drivers to operate devices in their smart homes.

Hyundai’s NEXO is based on its latest fuel cell electric technology, incorporating a claimed 500-mile range of a single charge with only a five minute refuelling time. To date, Hyundai claims hundreds of thousands of self-driven miles travelled, all of which have collected data using the open environment to better improve its self-driving capabilities.

Look for the commercialization of its Level 5 autonomy to hit the market by 2030.