Hyundai Canada handed out the keys to the first Canadian-market Tucson Fuel Cell at the Toronto auto show on Thursday this week.

Jennifer Ma, Clayton Crawley and their two children, hailing from Surrey, BC, received the keys to their Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) for a 3-year lease. Canada’s first ever customers for a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle were introduced by Don Romano, President and CEO of Hyundai Auto Canada Corp., at the Canadian International Auto Show.

Hyundai explained the family was looking to replace their old vehicle with a more eco-friendly alternative that would suit their lifestyle.

“Being a naturopath and chiropractor, I am conscientious about the environment and the impact we have upon it,” said Ma. “The Tucson is an amazing step in the right direction for us and for Hyundai. As a zero-emissions electric vehicle that can accommodate everyone in our family, it really helps reduce our environmental footprint.”

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On November 26, 2014, Hyundai announced it would be the first automotive company to make hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles available to Canadians, and launched a dedicated website to find its first customer.

“I work in biotech and am fascinated by fuel cell technology. I have been following the developments in the fuel cell industry and was really impressed when Hyundai made its big announcement,” said Crawley. “The Tucson Fuel Cell is an extraordinary machine and I’m looking forward to making it a part of my family’s everyday life.”

Hyundai added Canadians who are interested in the program can follow Ma and Crawley and their Tucson FCEV at

“Getting the first fuel cell vehicle on the road, with a real customer, is a significant achievement. But, we are only getting started” said Romano. “We’ve seen a tremendous response to our call for applications, from Canadians at all walks of life, and we will deliver more vehicles to new customers very soon. There is a definite market for fuel cell vehicles in this country and our ambition is to lead the way in the zero emissions space.”