Five iconic London taxis, converted to run on hydrogen are being used to shuttle VIPs around during the 2012 Olympics, of which most of the events take place in the UK capital.

In conjunction with the Hydrogen Transport for European Cities (HyTEC) program, the taxis, converted by UK-based Intelligent Energy, will be fueled up using a hydrogen station located at Heathrow Airport.

London already has the country’s only hydrogen fuel cell bus fleet operating in the capital and the taxis represent an appropriate compliment (even though the buses aren’t iconic Routemasters).

Nevertheless, HyTEC taxi program represents a good melding of past significance with future sensibilities and could pave the way for further public transport hydrogen initiatives in the city.

In regards to both public transport initiatives, Diane Raine, European business manager and project coordinator for the HyTEC program said, “the success of the HyTEC project is an essential step in creating a zero emission hydrogen transport infrastructure in London.”

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