Toyota sales in Canada are on a roll with 14,563 units sold in November and 179,854 units sold year-to-date, an increase of 21.1 percent.

A significant part of this success can be attributed to the company’s hybrid lineup, wearing both the Toyota and Lexus badges.

The company said November was a record month for Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI) hybrids, with 1,381 units sold. That represented 9.5 percent of total TCI sales. Year-to-date, 16,330 hybrid vehicles have been sold, eclipsing, with a month to go, the previous annual best of 13,546 set in 2008.

In total, Toyota hybrid sales stand at 1,124 units for November 2012, up 88.9 percent when compared to November 2011, for a new November record.

The Prius family itself represented 750 units sold, up 100 percent when compared to November 2011, for a new November record. The Prius v represented 312 units (up 19.5 percent) and the Prius c 158 units. The c even accounted for 15.3 percent of overall TCI subcompact sales in November.

On the SUV front, the Highlander Hybrid represented 126 units (up 15.6%) for another November record.

The Camry Hybrid represented 248 units (up 123.4 percent).

“We are proud to have set an all-time record for hybrid sales,” said Tony Wearing, Senior Managing Director, Toyota Canada Inc. “We are particularly excited that Canadians are attracted to the Prius family, up 100 percent from last year. Prius represents the future of personal mobility, offering a unique hybrid advantage under a proven and iconic brand.”

The luxury-side of the company saw total Lexus hybrid sales stand at 257 units (up 3.6 percent) for another November record. Hybrid models accounted for 20 percent of total Lexus sales in November.

The RX 450h stands at 50 units, totaling 680 units year to date (up 9.9 percent).