Nov. 5, 2006: The Boston Globe—Hybrids in the Real World not as Exotic as Some Think

Summary: "If you think driving a hybrid will be an experience akin to piloting Luke Skywalker’s landspeeder hovercraft, I have the regrettable task of informing you that it’s in no way so exotic.

Aside from a few interesting characteristics, hybrids drive like conventional vehicles. And unless you’re driving one of the more distinctively styled hybrids, like Honda’s Insight or Toyota’s Prius, there’s a very real possibility that other motorists and pedestrians will mistake your hybrid for its gas-only counterpart."

If you’re either hoping or worried that owning a hybrid is substantially different from owning another ICE-only vehicle, you’re likely to be surprised. Hybrid owners may pass a few more gas stations before having to fill up, and there’s a longer interval between recommended services, but at base a hybrid powertrain is just another (usually more efficient and less polluting) way to make a car go.

Anyone beg to differ?

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