Jan. 18, 2007: The San Jose Mercury News—Roadshow

Summary: "Q—Why do we allow hybrids in carpool lanes? Presumably, it is to encourage saving gas. If so, we’re doing it wrong. Hybrids save some gas over comparable cars when they run in stop-and-go traffic. They save no gas when running at a constant speed in a carpool lane. To save the maximum gas, hydrids should be encouraged to use city streets, not carpool lanes. . . . It seems to me that permitting high-mpg cars into HOV lanes is contrary to congestion reduction. . . . After much thought about diamond lanes and hybrids, I’m not sure what the state is trying to accomplish. Is it to get cars off the road or to cut back on pollution?"

Questions like these must come up every day for non-hybrid drivers on California’s freeways. The article provides some answers to ponder.

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