Oct. 19, 2006: Transport News Network

Summary: The more Biglorryblog sees of hybrid trucks the more I find myself thinking: "Yes, this is a compromise that can work—not least in the planned Low Emission Zones." It seems the world’s truck manufacturers feel the same way. Earlier this year, Paccar announced that it was creating "an ambitious goal of 30% improvement in vehicle fuel efficiency for selected medium-duty applications over the next seven years utilizing hybrid technology as a key contributor to achieving this objective."

There were certainly plenty hybrid systems on display at the recent IAA Hanover truck show not least from Daf which unveiled a brand new prototype based around the LF, developed in partnership with Eaton. How seriously is Paccar taking the hybrid? Well judge for yourself from this quote from senior vice president (and former Daf boss) Jim Cardillo. "Availability of hybrid-powered Paccar trucks is targeted for 2008 in defined medium-duty applications. Paccar’s premium vehicles and technology leadership worldwide will deliver cost-effective solutions that provide significant value to our customers." Partner Eaton says it’s ‘thrilled’ to be part of the Paccar hyrbrid push and developing hybrid power systems, "and we look forward to delivering hybrid vehicles in selected applications in 2008," says Jim Sweetnam, senior vice president and president of Eaton’s Truck Group.

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