It is now possible to rent a hybrid truck in the U.S. and not surprisingly, this first happens in southern California.

Avon Rent A Car Truck And Van has become the first rental agency in the U.S. to take delivery of the new 2013 Hino diesel-electric hybrid trucks.

The announcement was made April 3 by Avon founder/owner Nelson Silver.

The new truck boasts a 30-35 percent fuel economy increase, superior reliability and a low carbon footprint (as compared with standard diesel trucks).

The rental company said budget-and-environmentally conscious renters can have the truck starting now for the same daily rate as a traditional truck.

The hybrid truck available at Avon is known as the Hino 195h Diesel-Electric Hybrid cab-over and is equipped with a 20 foot box.

“It’s about being environmentally and socially responsible,” says Silver, who opened his Avon Rent A Car Truck And Van 35 years ago, expanding from Hollywood to outlets in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. “Last year AVON introduced solar charging panels on the top of our box trucks. Hybrid trucks are the next step in our continued effort to anticipate the needs of our studio production and entertainment industry clients. Our local merchants and private renters stand to reap these benefits as well. AVON’s hybrids are clean burning, powerful, safe and comfortable. We believe alternative fuel vehicles are the future and AVON’s hybrid trucks currently represent the greenest solution in the industry.”

According to the truck manufacturers website, a traditional truck that runs 20,000 miles per year will consume 1,667 gallons of fuel. The new hybrid at 30 percent fuel savings burns 500 gallons less diesel fuel (your mileage may vary).

With diesel fuel over $4 per gallon, the use of the diesel-electric hybrid could result in an average annual savings of over $2,000. Even using the hybrid truck for a local move can yield the renter considerable savings and less CO2 thrown into the atmosphere.