A battery pack replacement is not the only solution EV and hybrid vehicle owners have when faced with an underperforming battery pack.

With the oldest hybrids being almost 15 years old, the trade and aftermarket industry has adapted to the new needs and changes such vehicles bring maintenance-wise.

The most talked about issues has to do with the battery pack. Concerns over its age, its performance after a certain number of miles or years, and the cost to replace have been part of many mechanic’s conversations over the years.

It is important to note there are now three options your mechanic can offer you when time comes to take care of an underperforming battery pack: replacement with a new one; replacement with a remanufactured one; or rebuilding / remanufacturing your current pack.

If your mechanic is not familiar with these three options, bring your car somewhere else. There are no excuses for any vehicle repair facility not to be familiar with the proper ways to repair a hybrid; they have been around long enough!

The first two options are pretty straightforward, but are also the costliest. The rebuilding or remanufacturing your existing battery pack is an easy process, but your mechanic or automotive service facility needs to have the proper equipment at hand. A scanner able to read your car’s system is by no mean enough!

Dr. Mark Quarto, who has been involved in hybrid vehicles since they first appeared, has written a nice article on the subject, published in MotorAge magazine, a publication dedicated to informing automotive technicians. While the article is long, any reader with a basic common sense will understand where Dr. Mark Quarto is going and will easily understand what is involved in each procedure.

Titled Hybrid high voltage battery pack testing and analysis, Dr. Mark Quarto’s article is a must read for any hybrid or EV owner who intends on keeping his or her vehicle for a while as it allows one to understand the battery pack maintenance options they may be facing one day.