Feb. 8, 2007: Times-Standard Online—Schatz Center Readies Hydrogen Fuel Station

Summary: The H2 station is part of a planned "hydrogen power park" that will eventually use methane harvested from a nearby landfill as a hydrogen source. A team of HSU engineering students won first prize for the park’s design in the annual H2U Student Design Contest.

Complicated means, perhaps, to reach the admirable goal of increased energy diversity.

"The state’s Hydrogen Highway Network, seeded by an executive order in mid-2004, is a phased plan to build 250 hydrogen fueling stations and 20,000 hydrogen-fueled vehicles. They are intended to be the groundwork for full-scale commercialization of such technologies, aimed at diversifying California’s sources of transportation energy and stimulating economic growth with environmentally-sound renewable supplies.

"The Schatz Center has secured $350,000 from Chevron Technology Ventures, a division of Chevron USA, toward equipment and materials for the hydrogen fueling station, which will be installed at a site adjoining the north end of HSU’s Plant Operations yard, according to Schatz Center Director Peter Lehman. The station will include an electrolyzer to produce hydrogen from water, a compressor, storage tanks, and a dispenser. The Schatz Center is seeking additional partners to help fund the cost of facility design and installation."

Note that Chevron is a big sponsor of the project (although HSU is seeking more). Could hydrogen be one way for oil companies to ensure they stay in the loop as petroleum production peaks? Electric vehicles certainly wouldn’t need dedicated filling stations for charging.


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