Huger, a self-proclaimed producer of the “world’s best e-skateboards,” recently completed an Indiegogo round to bring its board to production.

As of Sept. 15, Huger raised $212,265 from 460 backers on its Indiegogo page, 701 percent of its original requested amount to fund its e-skateboards into production. Currently, all orders are on track to be shipped this month, with the brand accepting pre-orders. At the moment, its Indiegogo page allows budding technology backers to pre-order three models: the “Classic,” the “Racer,” and the Travel.” Each model offers savings between 10 percent to 25 percent off its market price, a perk popularized by Indiegogo. Extra accessories for sale including a quick-swap wheel and battery for $89 and $189, respectively.

Huger’s three e-skateboard configurations vary regarding top speeds (15 to 25-mph), weight, measurements, range, and recharge time. Amongst its calling cards is its grade capabilities, with its “Racer” capable of riding a 25 percent incline. With no power, it can also be used as a traditional skateboard.

The brand also offers torque control using a dedicated smartphone app which allows riders to adjust their turning power. Other notables include quick-swap batteries that can be removed in 60 seconds (Travel and Racer only), a Bluetooth-enabled remote control, and seven customized front, rear, brake, and turn signal lighting options.