From the ever-popular diesel vs. hybrid topic to ideas for future hybrids, the forums section offers something for everyone. It’s not just about driving, either. Some owners are finding work-arounds for problems with MP3 files, while others are astounded by the sudden availability of Prius hybrids on Toyota lots.

Here are a few more topics you’ll find:

> Steam-Driven Hybrids?
See what you think about this idea—and send pictures if you build one!
> Prius MPG
Prius owners compare notes. Winter weather, model, and driving style can all affect the car’s efficiency.
> Hybrid Haggling
With hybrid demand steady, how can you be sure you don’t spend more than you need to?
> How to Get A Nissan Altima Hybrid
If you don’t live in a California-emissions state, Nissan dealers won’t sell you one. What’s a NAH fan to do? > Review the Review
Read this review of the 07 Honda Civic Hybrid and let others know: did it answer your questions about the car? Owners and non-owners differ.
> Hybrid Buyers Steamed by Tax Credit Loophole
As tax time rolls around, some hybrid owners are discovering that the tax incentive to buy their gas-sipper has all but evaporated.
> Satisfaction Index
Most owners here have expressed satisfaction with their hybrids. But a few want more: plug-ins and affordable electric cars.
> 06-07 HCH Oil Change
Some questions, but mostly great answers: How to know when to get the oil changed (listen to the dealership service department only if it agrees with the manual), what kind of oil to use, and how to reset the maintenance minder button on 2006 and 2007 model year Honda Civic Hybrids are all covered here.

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