Honda has revealed an new all-electric vehicle called the Urban EV Concept.

Built on a completely new platform which may underpin future battery-electric models, the concept was introduced in a speech by Honda Motor Co. President and CEO, Takahiro Hachigo.

“This is not some vision of the distant future; a production version of this car will be here in Europe in 2019,” he added, confirming that the concept is set to be launched within two years.

Honda’s Urban EV Concept has low and wide proportions, give it a planted stance that hints at sporty driving performance. Its compact proportions mean it has a total vehicle length 100 mm shorter than the Jazz supermini, setting a design trend that will appear on a future battery electric Honda production models. It also is evocative of certain late-70s Honda hatchbacks.

The Honda emblem on its nose is backlit, a styling flourish said to be a harbinger of what will be found on the company’s future EVs. Apparently, the grille area is able to display words, such as the Urban EV’s charging status or a phrase written by the driver including – as phrased by Honda – “advice for other drivers on the road”. Our mind swims with possibilities.

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The cabin seats four people and is said to create a “lounge atmosphere” with its natural grey upholstery and contemporary wood-finish accents. A trick floating dashboard spans the width of the interior, topped with an IMAX-sized display screen.

Powertrain details are scarce, but Honda promised a new approach for managing energy transfers between the grid, homes, and electric vehicles. The possibility of revenue generating opportunities for EV owners in the future was previewed by way of Honda’s Power Manager Concept, revealed alongside the Urban EV Concept. It is a smart system able to store energy more efficiently, releasing electricity generated by renewable sources back into the home or selling it back to the grid.

Volkswagen has made a lot of noise about their I.D. series of vehicles, saying its platform will be the basis for a whole host of EVs. It would seem that Honda is deploying a similar strategy, with the Urban EV’s platform spawning several future electric vehicles.