It seems just about everything being shown at this year’s Shanghai Motor Show is electric or hybrid.

Among the new electrified products shown in Shanghai this week were two new Honda and Toyota crossovers: the Honda X-NV and Toyota C-HR EV.

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Let’s start with the Honda. You’re probably thinking it looks like a lot like a Honda HR-V and that’s because it is one. Honda and its joint venture partner in China, Dongfeng, call the HR-V the XR-V in the country. This electrified version is thus called the X-NV and features a single electric motor, which is rated at 161 hp and 206 lb-ft, along with a 53.6 kWh battery pack. Honda did not provide a range estimate for the crossover. It will go on sale in China in the second half of this year.

Now let’s talk about the Toyota. Built by the automaker’s local joint venture partners FAW-Toyota and GAC-Toyota, the  C-HR EV features a single electric motor driving the front wheels and a floor-mounted battery pack. Toyota didn’t provide any specifications on the EV powertrain. The crossover also features a fully digital instrument cluster, unlike the regular C-HR’s analog display and a unique front fascia.

It’s unclear when the Toyota C-HR EV will go on sale in China, but it will go on sale in the region sometime in the next couple years.