At the Tokyo Auto Show, Honda has shown its Sports EV Concept, a very tasty electric car with low slung styling.

As a follow up to the superb Urban EV Concept which debuted earlier this year in Frankfurt, the Sports EV Concept is a pure electric car built on a dedicated EV platform which will reportedly underpin a production car in 2020.

Some styling cues are shared with the Urban EV, with Honda describing its Sports EV as having “a striking silhouette, friendly face and supple body surfaces.” A wraparound windshield, black panels housing the round headlamps and square taillights, and black bars along its flanks are all styling cues shared with the Urban EV.

The Urban EV evoked echoes of the original Civic, with its expressive set of round headlights and hatchback shape. The Sports EV retains the fabulous frontage but deploys a slinky silhouette with its long, sleek hood and rakish fastback taper. If Honda’s Sports EV is the future of electric motoring, this author is all for it.

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While current EV offerings at Honda stores remain limited to the Clarity EV and its 80-mile range, concepts like the Urban EV and Sports EV point to an encouraging desire within the ranks of Honda to catch up with other automakers who have all-electric products. In Frankfurt last month, Honda President and CEO Takahiro Hachigo said the Urban EV Concept is set to be launched in certain markets within the next two years.

Knowing the design team has been given permission to embrace company heritage is encouraging as well. Styling decisions on the Sports EV lend more than a whiff of Honda’s short-lived (but tremendous) S600 coupe from the 1960s, infused with futuristic style.

Honda said the development team designed this sporty electric car to deliver a “feeling of joy and emotional unity,” apparently achieved by combining an EV power unit and AI technology in a compact body shape. Details on the Sports EV’s propulsion, price, and production remain scanty.

Whatever one’s level of joy and emotional unity, gearheads are sure to appreciate a low-slung two-seater clearly designed with a high fun-to-drive factor.