After casually mentioning previously that a new plug-in hybrid was on the way, Honda has now confirmed that this model will arrive by 2018.

For its upcoming PHEV, Honda will be using a redesigned powertrain expected to offer at least 40 miles of range in all-electric mode.

Ryan Harty, manager of environmental business development at American Honda Motor Company, announced the new model yesterday at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

“The Clarity Fuel Cell will serve as the first vehicle launched from a new platform that will be followed by an all-new Honda Plug-In Hybrid electric vehicle that we plan to launch nationwide by 2018,” said Harty.

Over the summer, Honda announced that it was discontinuing the only plug-in (PHEV) model it currently offered, a variation of the Accord (pictured above). The Accord Plug In was originally released to limited markets in January 2013 as the company’s first production PHEV, offering 115 miles per gallon equivalent per the EPA and an all-electric range of 13 miles.

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“This new Honda Plug-In Hybrid will feature our next-gen two-motor hybrid system, which will offer significant improvements in battery capacity and power, more than tripling the all-electric range of the Accord plug-in, which stands at around 13 miles today,” Harty said. “This electric range will enable a zero emissions commute for the average American with significant range-extended capabilities enabled by an efficient gasoline engine. The increase in power will enable [all electric] operation at highway speeds.”

Annual production is also set to eclipse the Accord Plug In, which sold 343 units in 2014.

“Based in part on the advanced capabilities of this two-motor system, along with increased supplies of vehicles and batteries, we expect significantly increased volumes for both our hybrid and plug-in models in the years ahead,” Harty added.