One day, Honda imagines fuel cell cars will be the go-to method of propulsion. Just stay patient for now.

American Honda’s vice president-connected and environmental business development office, Steve Center, said as much when addressing the Center for Automotive Research’s Management Briefing Seminar.

“It’s important for society to be conscientious about this, tolerate the early inconveniences and think long term,” he said, according to a WardsAuto report on Wednesday.

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He insisted today’s growing pains will be worth it when fuel cell powertrains are fully developed and offer a compelling alternative to the internal-combustion engine. Today, hydrogen infrastructure remains a major hurdle for fuel-cell-powered cars. However, as Center noted, fuel cells do not require charging and can be refilled in minutes much like a gasoline-powered vehicle.

Honda is currently working with Shell to build a network of hydrogen fueling stations.

Center also said the public will need more education on fuel-cell cars in the years to come as they’re often misunderstood. A fuel cell creates its own electricity to power the car via a chemical reaction between oxygen and hydrogen. The byproduct is water vapor.

Currently, Honda sells the Clarity Fuel Cell vehicle in select markets, but the automaker has grander plans for fuel cells. In 2017, the Japanese automaker announced a joint-venture with General Motors to manufacture fuel cells in Michigan and produce economies of scale for both automakers. Production is expected to begin in 2020.