The Electric Circuit announced the signing of a partnership agreement with Auberge Internationale du Témiscouata for the installation of a public charging station for electric vehicles in its parking lot by the end of September.

This company is now the first member of The Electric Circuit in eastern Québec and offers lodging for travelers, rents out community space and organizes tourist activities. The hostel is located on the banks of Lac Témiscouata in the Bas Saint-Laurent region.

“As a lodging service located off the highway that leads from Québec to the maritimes, our geographical location is a perfect place to install a charging station for electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles for both long-haul and regional trips,” said Yann Daigneault, Director of Auberge Internationale du Témiscouata. “The corporate vision we launched in early 2012 included an ambitious sustainable development plan with dedicated funding through 2020 coming from 20% of our profits. This fund will help us implement sustainable projects initiated by the hostel or its partners. The transportation component of this plan began with car-sharing, carbon offsetting, and now, the installation of a public charging station for electric vehicles for our customers and the community,” added Mr. Daigneault.

The Electric Circuit is a milestone in the roll out of the charging infrastructure needed to support plug-in electric vehicles in Québec and is in line with the Québec government’s 2011-2020 Action Plan for Electric Vehicles.

Nearly 80 240-volt Electric Circuit stations are available today in parking lots of the AMT, as well as those of many RONA hardware stores, Metro grocery stores and St-Hubert Restaurants in the greater Montréal and Québec areas.

More than 150 charging stations will be available in Québec by the end of 2012. After that, the roll-out of 240-volt and even faster (400 volt) charging stations will be installed as more electric vehicles are expected to hit Québec roads.