Jan. 2, 2007: Kicking Tires—Reader Review of the Week

Summary: "This week our winner was an easy choice. In the history of our award-less award we haven’t found a more thorough review than Chance of Indiana’s take of the 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid. The really cool thing about Chance’s report is that he had a 2003 Civic Hybrid and details the difference in the two models in a number of criteria and he does so in an exact manner. You can read Chance’s full review below and if you want to write a review of your own car you can go here."

The 2007 gas tank is a gallon smaller, reducing the cruising range compared to the 2003. Some gauges have changed. But the pluses seem to outweigh the minuses, at least for this driver.

The positives include better aerodynamics, improving efficiency at highway speeds. Also gentler ride over ripply roads, something that we hybridistas can sometimes relegate to low priority. Better safety is provided by the extra airbags, and the newer model seems to accelerate better.

Anyone else had experience with two (or more) different versions of the same model?

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