The Tesla semi truck may have been spotted ahead of its reveal.

The image of the Tesla semi-truck first surfaced on Reddit, but was deleted by the original poster. But like everything that shows up on the internet, it was only a matter of time before someone who saved the image re-posted it. Although there are no actual Tesla logos or emblems to be seen, the design resembles something you would expect from the American automaker and it was spotted at the Inyokern Airport, according to Teslarati, which is approximately 150 miles north of Tesla’s Design Center.

The small airstrip where this photo was taken is often where Tesla tests its vehicles, so it makes sense for the semi-truck to be there. You can also see the removable wind deflector on the left side of the photo, which will likely aid in reducing air resistance.

Tesla will unveil its semi-truck at an event on Oct. 26 at its Design Center.


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