Since launch of the Tesla Model S three years ago on June, 22, 2012, the California automaker revealed the cumulative distance traveled by the electric sedans has enabled them to eclipse one billion miles.

The Model S has the longest range of any EV sold, at an EPA-estimated 208-270 miles, and its owners are making use of its capabilities to go places beyond their immediate orbit.

One billion miles is more than are estimated for the 75-84-mile range Nissan Leaf which as of December 2014, four years after production start, had tallied 625 million miles. The extended-range electric Chevy Volt, rated for 35-38 electric miles, has also been a mileage champ of sorts, and traveled an estimated 629 all-electric miles as of October 2014, three years, eleven months after production start.

Nissan’s 177,000 cumulative global sales are also now at 100,000 units more than Tesla’s, but apparently there is a limit to what it can do with 24 kilowatt-hours versus the Tesla’s 60-85. The Volt/Ampera has sold over 93,000 units since launch.

Not one to gloat, Tesla released a statement making no comparisons itself. It only benignly noted one billion miles is equivalent to traveling around the Earth 40,000 times, and the message Tesla is imparting is this is a reliable everyday car.


An estimated 75,000 units have been sold, and the automaker said the one-billion threshold was crossed with just fewer than this many sold.

With this many miles by this few cars, that’s an average of over 13,000 miles per car meaning a fair number of one-, two, and three-year-old Model S sedans have tallied significant individual distances traveled.

Tesla meanwhile has been proliferating its Supercharger quick-charge stations, and reports 445 across America, Europe and Asia, enabling Model S owners to contemplate long-distance trips.

The first thing Tesla did when its U.S. coast-to-coast route was in place was do the journey itself, following on the heels of an ambitious pair who did it first in January 2014.

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When a couple of ex-Ammy buddies went off the reservation and headed to Panama, improvising charging every step of the way, Tesla however did not comment about that adventure.


What Tesla did also say is with the Model S’ low center of gravity and robust airbag-equipped body structure, it has achieved to safety scores in the U.S. and under Euro NCAP protocols.

Tesla is aiming to celebrate its latest milestone with a Summer Test Drive Tour, which will have stops in North America, Europe and Asia.