Startup company H2 Logic says it will soon be rolling out the world’s fastest hydrogen refueling station dispensers.

The Norway-way based outfit says that its hydrogen dispensers can fuel three-times faster than pumps at current hydrogen stations while reducing its carbon footprint by about 30 percent.

A division of Oslo-based company Nel Asa, a global supplier of hydrogen technology, H2 Logic says that its first deliveries to the U.S. will start by this year’s end.

The parent company has set up at least 10 hydrogen stations in Europe. These fueling stations have been using the CAR-200 dispenser, which can dispense up to 100 kilograms of hydrogen in three hours. With the Toyota Mirai fuel cell having capacity to receive five kilograms, that would mean six-to-seven Mirais could be fueled per hour at an H2 Logic station. Each CAR-200 dispenser can hold as much as 200 kilograms of hydrogen.

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Toyota and other automakers, including Honda, have been supporting development of new hydrogen stations in California and the east coast. Currently, there are 29 stations in the US, with 26 in California, and one each in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and South Carolina, according to U.S. Department of Energy data. Automakers and hydrogen advocates are hoping to see more hydrogen stations open to alleviate range anxiety.

The market opportunity may be there for H2 Logic. First Element Fuel said it will have 19 hydrogen California stations in place. The company had initially aimed for establishing these 19 stations by the end of 2015.