High Court: EPA Responsibility for Greenhouse Gas

The quest for cleaner cars got a big boost on Apr. 2, 2007, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that global warming pollution from automobiles can be regulated under the Clean Air Act. Despite enthusiasm from environmental organization, the Supreme Court’s decision doesn’t actually set new car standards.

California Laws

In Sep. 2004, California regulators approved a plan to drastically reduce vehicle emissions related to global warming over the next 11 years. California is joined by nine other states forming a powerful alternative regulatory bloc. Car companies will have to raise the fuel-efficiency standards of their products, or face being blocked from approximately one-third of the nation’s auto market.

Interview with Fran Pavley

Read the HybridCars.com interview with visionary California legislator Fran Pavley.

The New Green Litmus Test

Whereas the various environmental groups have each chosen a different company to target for their public education campaigns, they stand unified in their criticism of the automakers who have sued California to block the enactment of AB1493, the greenhouse-gas-capping law known as the Pavley Law.