While you may not need to change the oil on your Volt or other hybrid very often, you can now do so with a greener oil choice.

Universal Lubricants announced that its Eco Ultra Synthetic Blend Motor Oil has been awarded a dexos1 license for meeting the rigorous quality requirements for use in General Motors (GM) gasoline engines.

The first Eco Ultra Synthetic Blend dexos1-approved 5W-30 Motor Oil went into production this week at the company’s state-of-the-art re-refinery and blending facility in Wichita, Kansas.

The dexos1 specification was specially designed to meet the exacting requirements of GM’s advanced gasoline engine technology. Administered by The Center for Quality Assurance, the dexos licensing program requires that blenders like Universal Lubricants be facility accredited and undergo product testing prior to final licensing.

“This is great news for motorists interested in ultimate protection for their GM passenger vehicles and the environment,” said Mike Wyant, Universal Lubricants’ manager of technical services. “The Center for Quality Assurance provided us with information and guidance throughout the licensing process and the result is a high performance Eco Ultra dexos1 formulation that provides significant wear protection, improved piston cleanliness, reduced volatility and oil consumption, enhanced aeration control for improved fuel efficiency and better oxidation properties. It also means environmentally responsible motorists now have a ‘green’ oil choice that meets all GM warranty requirements.”

Gm requires for its Chevrolet Volt as well as for many of its other models the use of dexos1-rated oil.

Eco Ultra Synthetic Blend Motor Oil and its new dexos1 formulation are made from crystal clear, re-refined base oil that’s purified and then blended with high quality synthetic base oils and high performance additives. It also is licensed by the American Petroleum Institute and meets SAE requirements and other OEM specifications.

Universal Lubricants said the company’s Universal Super XHD Synthetic dexos1 engine oil, licensed in 2011, also is custom formulated with premium additives that meet the demanding performance requirements and stringent quality standards of dexos1 specifications. This oil performs efficiently in gasoline engines and is, according to the company, outstanding for stop-and-go taxi fleets, city delivery vehicles and public utility fleets.

The new Eco Ultra Synthetic Blend dexos1 5W-30 Motor Oil, bearing the dexos1 logo, will be available later this year at auto repair shops, quick lube operators and GM service centers throughout the country.

Universal Lubricants said it is dedicated to educating and encouraging consumers to choose eco-friendly motor oils and to recycle used oil to protect the environment and the economy.

Why is this oil a greener choice? Considering itself a leader in the Zero Waste Movement, Universal Lubricants employs a closed loop process to collect used oil, re-refine it and then blend and redistribute its own motor oils and transmission fluids in an infinitely repeatable cycle that makes oil a renewable resource.