Nov. 9, 2006: Chicago Tribune—Some Red-Hot Picks on Top of ‘Green’ Car List

Summary: "Go figure. Environmental Defense, an advocacy group, has teamed with the folks from Yahoo to offer a Web site listing the top 100 cars based on how ‘green’ they are–and they’re not talking exterior color.

They are talking less harm to humans and the planet and how easy it is to take a gulp of air that isn’t solid. So, the greener the better. Had to visit to learn which are clean, green machines.

Naturally, there was gas/electric after gas/electric, with every one sold by Toyota, Honda, Ford and General Motors accounted for.

But what catches the eye is a trio of cars you would expect on an environmental Most Wanted list."

If you hanker after an electric Tesla Roadster but just can’t drop $100K on a car, take heart! For about half that, you can get the same body with a gasoline internal combustion engine and only feel a tad bit guilty—the Lotus Elise is found on the list of 100 greenest car choices. And if a pickup is what you really need, you can find that, too.

Were the listmakers too lenient? What about holding auto manufacturers to higher standards?

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