Dec. 5, 2006: CNET News—Car Concepts Get the Green Light

Summary: "Detroit may be the city most closely associated with the manufacturing of cars and trucks, but for futuristic automotive design, all roads would seem to lead to Los Angeles. And not just for U.S. automakers. The greater LA area has attracted design studios from a worldwide lineup of big-name companies, including BMW (Newbury Park), General Motors (North Hollywood), Honda (Torrance and Pasadena), Hyundai (La Jolla), Toyota (Newport Beach), Volkswagen (Santa Monica) and Volvo (Camarillo).

For this year’s Design Los Angeles automotive design conference, nine of those studios took a crack at environmental awareness–from the way the raw materials for the hypothetical vehicles would be gathered to the way those vehicles get around town."

Take a gander at all nine designs—some are much greener than others. Still, even if Audi’s only nod to environmental awareness is to offset the carbon produced by a car, it would be better than the status quo.

Now if someone would just take the best of each and actually build a car, we’d be humming a different tune. How about a biodiesel-electric hybrid (that converts to pedal power on demand) with compostable algae-filled body panels made from post-consumer waste whose manufacturer offsets the carbon?

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