Governor Chris Christie signed a bill earlier today that will once again allow Tesla to sell directly to customers in New Jersey.

Earlier this week, the state Senate approved of the pro-Tesla bill in a 29-2 vote. It then went to Governor Christie, who had previously said that he had “no problem” with this sales method … as long as it was allowed by law.

Shortly after signing the bill, Governor Christie posted two tweets:

Christie tweet

Christie tweet2

Tesla responded, calling the decision a “huge victory.”

Tesla, who doesn’t use franchise dealers and only sells directly to customers, was barred from sales last year when the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission didn’t renew the carmaker’s dealer license.

Tesla NJ tweet

Under the new law, car manufacturers will be allowed to sell zero emission vehicles directly to customers. The carmaker can open up to four locations and must own or operate a service center within the state.

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Tesla’s three stores and one service center are already in compliance with these restrictions.

Officials around the country are sure to be watching Governor Christie’s final decision. In Georgia, Texas and Arizona similar bills have been introduced to allow consumer-direct vehicle sales.