Since former GM CEO Dan Akerson hinted last year of another Chevy branded EV with 200-mile range on par with Tesla’s planned Model 3, conjecture has swirled about the possibilities.

Last week at an investor meeting, GM’s global product chief Mark Reuss confirmed rumors are true that the Spark EV will have a sibling, and the Volt will have a distant relation.

He did not divulge price, specs, timing, or nameplate but a report by Automotive News cites two industry sources stating off the record that the subcompact Sonic will be the one to be electrified, and it is due some time during 2017, and will have 200 miles of range.

The Sonic is bigger than the diminutive Spark which Reuss knows “people wish we would sell it all around the country,” he said of the 82-mile-range EV version, but GM has announced no plans to extend beyond Oregon and California.

Not clear is whether the Sonic would be another compliance car, or if by 2017 as new CAFE regs start to ratchet down, and the competitiveness of a 200-mile EV interests buyers, it could be sold broadly as the Volt is now.

Also unclear is whether GM hopes to make any conquest sales from Tesla’s pending Model 3 as it’s come to be called. Both could launch around the same time, but AN gave no indication GM is saber rattling, and dots connected in the minds of speculators is the primary basis of that idea.

If Tesla is aiming at BMW 3-Series and others in that range, we’ve heard the usual smearing and disrespect for GM for contemplating to convert a basic family hatch, but maybe GM’s car will sell for less – and the next-gen Nissan Leaf is a more-likely target.

More certain is the next Volt is due in late 2015 or 2016, and GM has also sad a plug-in hybrid version of its pending CT6 flagship was coming, and it would even build a second generation Cadillac ELR.

Perhaps GM will have more plug-ins to announce over the next three years? The way things have gone, this would appear nearly definite, but we shall see.

Automotive News