Speaking yesterday at the IHS CERWeek energy conference in Houston, GM CEO Dan Akerson said the company is now testing a 200-mile range electric car.

The vehicle is one of two in development – the other is a 100 mile range car – and the researchers are evaluating the viability of each.

“We’re actually developing a car today which is really anathema to the way the auto industry works,” said Akerson of the two test vehicles, noting also battery energy density breakthroughs are right around the corner.

Akerson reiterated GM aims to have a half million electrified vehicles on the road by 2017. These would include mild hybrids, other hybrids, EVs, and the plug-in variety like the Chevy Volt.

GM’s chief also took opportunity to call upon President Obama to appoint a commission to create a 30-year energy plan which would encompass all energy forms, including the renewable sustainable sources.

Aside from finding improved batteries, Akerson said the company has aggressive goals to reduce curb weight of its vehicles by up to 15 percent. A reduction of 10 percent, Akerson said, is worth a fuel consumption reduction of 6.5 percent.

Weight loss already accomplished with the Spark EV now allows that car to reach an extra five miles range from 75 miles previously, to now 80 miles, Akerson said.