In an ongoing effort to amp up interest in its 2014 Chevrolet Spark EV, General Motors has posted a whimsical infographic spelling out how $9,000 not spent for fuel in five years could be better utilized.

The figure of money saved is based on average driver patterns expected, and amounts to $150 per month in gas not purchased for the car that’s for now only being offered in California, Oregon, and to be later available in Canada, South Korea and Europe.

The small but peppy EV is EPA rated at 119 MPGe for combined city/highway fuel economy and its range is said to be 82 miles.

GM says it is “the most efficient EV in its class” not that there are exactly tons of contenders in said subcompact “class.”

“Spark EV is one of the most affordable EVs on the market, with one of the lowest costs of ownership of any new vehicle out there,” said Cristi Landy, director of Chevrolet small car and electrified vehicle marketing. “Spark EV is a great city car that rewards frequent use by being fun, efficient and affordable.”

Click on image to enlarge.

Click on image to enlarge.

To drive the point home on the advantages of driving a Spark EV home, GM says “the Spark EV makes it possible to afford a number of other big-ticket items, as well as some favorite everyday items,” including:

• Airfare for an around-the-world trip
• A Viking outdoor grill
• 6 pairs of Google Glasses
• 60 Nike+ FuelBands
• 6,425 Starbucks Tall Coffee of the Days

For those who were looking for the spare change to spring for these items, or other goodies, GM suggests the Spark EV which – with incentives subtracted – is priced under $25,000.