A handful of Chevrolet Bolt EV owners have experienced battery cell failure that has led to the loss of drive power. Now, General Motors has officially stepped in with action over the issue.

Of note, this issue has only affected a few Bolt EVs and is not a widespread issue, according to the original report from Electric Revs. Most of the affected cars feature early production battery packs after GM analyzed data via affected Bolt EV’s OnStar system.

However, GM issued a statement to InsideEVs on the matter after the automaker notified owners of all 2017 Bolt EVs that a software update will help address some concerns. The software update will not prevent battery cell failure, but it will “provide additional warnings if a battery cell low voltage condition occurs, which could cause the vehicle to reduce or lose propulsion.” Basically, the driver will see an indicator if something is awry with the battery pack.

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The GM statement from Chris Bonelli, Coordinator, Global Advanced Technology Communications, said the automaker will continue to comb through OnStar data to notify owners if their Bolt EV is at risk of battery cell failure. Otherwise, there should be no cause for concern.

GM made it clear that the notification to owners is not a safety recall but the automaker asked all owners to participate in the software update.